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GED Prep

We offer a classroom-based group learning/ or one on one experience following a curriculum designed to prepare participants for the General Education Development (GED) exam. GED tests cover five different subject areas. A learner must pass all five tests to get their GED certification (certified Canadian high school equivalency).

The goal of this program is to deliver a classroom-based group learning / or one on one experience, over a number of sessions, to teach and practice the GED curricula. The subjects to be taught will be Math, English writing and reading, Social Studies, and Science following the guidelines of the GED program.


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All instructors have access to the following: curriculum documents, practitioner website, and LAE-approved resources. 
Student intake assessment involves interview, pre-tests, outcome based tests, and self-assessment, as well as a learning plan. 
Ongoing progress is measured using tests, exams, progress checklists and interviews. 

Exit assessment is conducted with practice final exams, tests, and an interview before going to a test centre to take the official GED exams.

The learners will conquer increasingly more complex skills through instruction and classroom interaction. Learners will set goals depending on their level and what they want to achieve. At the end of the session, they may find work, write the GED test and/or pursue higher education. In the past, we have had learners go on to Community College as well as upgrade skills at NSCC to allow acceptance into university.

Learning plans will be updated and goals set as needed for future.

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Family Literacy 

This program follows the curriculum guidelines for Family Literacy. The purpose of this activity is to improve adult literacy skills within the context of family literacy activities. Parents and children benefit from program activities while both develop an awareness of literacy.

We promote literacy to families in Inverness County in order to enhance children's literacy skills along with those of their parents. Parents and care providers of small children participate in small group instruction and/or one-on-one tutoring to improve their essential skills enabling them to develop the confidence and skills to actively participate in their children's learning. Materials and home-based activities are to be provided and used in the home with all members taking an active role. The materials will be kept in the home. There will be consistent "pick-up and drop-off" of materials approx. once per month with time to discuss needs and interests.

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Family Literacy Day activities will be incorporated into the program with families being involved in the school as well as the community.
Families learn and develop skills to enhance learning experiences.
Parents learn that interactive literacy activities can be fun and enjoyable. Children benefit from the family approach to learning and this will enhance their own educational experiences in pre-school and school situations.

In very young children, the seeds of life-long learning will be sown.
In school-age elementary children, their school experiences will be enhanced by learning activities taking place in the home and their self-esteem will be increased.


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Skill Enhancement-Essential Skills-ALP I/II

The Adult Learning Program (ALP) is an outcomes-based education program for adults in Nova Scotia. Eligible learners may enter and exit the educational continuum at different times and levels based on their goals and learning journey. Activities may serve as bridges to the workforce, improved self-sufficiency, personal development, community engagement, further training (including post-secondary education), and high school completion or equivalency.

For adults who need to develop a variety of basic reading, writing and math skills.

This program is delivered in a classroom-based group/ or one on one learning experience, over a number of sessions, to enhance Essential Skills following the Level I and Level II Adult Learning Program curricula. The subjects to be taught will be Math, Communications, Social Studies, and Science following the guidelines proposed by NSSAL.

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Student intake assessment involves interview, outcome based tests, and self-assessment as well as a learning plan.
Ongoing progress is measured using tests, progress checklists and interviews.

Exit assessment is conducted with final exams, tests, and an interview with follow up to the learning plan
The learners will develop personal skills through instruction and classroom interaction. Literacy skills and essential skills will be increased during this time through the instruction and practice of reading, writing and math skills while applying these skills to everyday life tasks (i.e. filling out forms etc.) Learners will set goals depending on their individual level and what they want to achieve. At the end of the session, they may find work or decide to move on to the next level in ALP. 

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Skill Enhancement-Essential Skills/ Basic Computer Skills 

A learning experience to enhance one or more of the Essential Skills; Reading Text, Document Use, Numeracy, Writing,  Oral Communications, Working with Others, Continuous Learning, Thinking Skills, and Computer Use.

The basic computer skills training program is offered in Inverness to people from Inverness County on a weekly basis. The program is delivered using literacy-based activities to learn practical computer literacy skills. Instruction is provided one-on-one or to a very small group as dictated by registration. Intake is ongoing. Individual needs are assessed upon registration and an individual program is developed starting from recognition of computer components up to the introduction of Excel.

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All activities used in the delivery of the program have a literacy base, i.e. word processing involves spelling and grammar skills, internet searches involve answering questions on many topics including social studies and science, essential skills training.
We provide a mobile classroom in other areas of Inverness County which opens this training to a broader base of individuals.
Location: Inverness, as well as a mobile classroom. We do not have a local C@P site therefore our mobile classroom is being utilized in many small communities county wide.
Profile of students: Adults with very low or no computer skills.

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