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The Adult Learning Program (ALP) is an outcomes-based education program for adults in Nova Scotia. Eligible learners may enter and exit the educational continuum at different times and levels based on their goals and learning journey.

Activities may serve as bridges to: the workforce, improved self-sufficiency, personal development, community engagement, further training (including post-secondary education), and high school completion or equivalency.

  • Free Instruction for adults
  • Computer instruction/essential skills training
  • Prepare to write your GED
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Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Inverness County Literacy Council is to provide access to community-based literacy programs at all levels to adults of Inverness County, and to create awareness among adults of Inverness County that, no matter their level of literacy, there is help available for improvement.  

1)  We believe in the value of literacy.

2) We respect the needs of learners and meet them where they are in their development.

3)  We are accountable to learners.

4)  We believe that all people have the right to access opportunities to become more literate.

5)  We are community-based. 

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1) To develop a list of available and effective volunteer tutors.
2) To provide pre-employment programs as needs are identified in each community.
3) To provide venues for instruction for pre-vocational courses and CLI when needed.
4) To promote the programs by a variety of methods so that all potential learners will be aware.
5) To identify all resources available in Inverness County that would work hand-in-hand with our objectives.
6) To offer opportunities for tutors and instructors to participate in professional development.
7) To advertise the importance of literacy\upgrading with the general public and agencies. 

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1) Support and promote lifelong learning.
2) To allow programs already in place to continue and to grow stronger.
3) Help in achieving high school diploma or high school equivalency (GED)
4) Provide upgrading courses to qualify for secondary education
5) Provide employability skills training
6) Offer basic computer competency instruction for the workplace or life skills
7) Provide family literacy programs to county residents

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Our  Learning Programs

GED Prep

Designed to prepare participants for the General Education Development (GED) exam.

Family Literacy 

The purpose of this activity is to improve adult literacy skills within the context of family literacy activities.

Skill Enhancement-Essential Skills-ALP I/II 

It's a learning experience, over a number of sessions, to enhance Essential Skills following the Level I and level II Adult Learning Program curricula.

Skill Enhancement-Essential Skills/ Basic Computer Skills 

The program is delivered using literacy-based activities to learn practical computer literacy skills.


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Toll Free: 1-877-258-5550
Local: 902-258-3110